Monday, August 2, 2010

Annie get your" GUN". The play!!

I can't believe it is already August, and that means school time. You mean the end of Summer..( AhAhAh) We were just getting start. So glad we can enjoy some of our time getting to do some stuff before all the crazy begins.
I love my Natalie, and our special time we get to spend together..
One happy girl! I just love our family time.. Makes me happy too... They are too cute, just a little relax, but sure they are enjoying them self's..
Good tile the last drop.. Jeddy is too cute and funny. I love this picture of him...
What a great play we got to go see. Thanks to my Dad who loves going to them, and share it with us.. I wish I could go to them more often the I do..
Mom does not last long, but she never does. I guess this is her way of say she is having so much "FUN". lol
Can I tell you how much i love this kid. Every time he comes to Utah I never get aught of him.(Benson) I just love taking our pictures together, they are only little for so long. I love my family so much, spending time with them priceless.. Thanks Ben and your family for coming down to visits of. We even got to see there new baby, she is so cute, as all there kids are...

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