Friday, August 20, 2010

Enjoying the lost days of Summer. Also time to get ready for School.

I just his Look. He is too cool.

Having fun in the sun..

She most have pushed me.. Help!!

To funny for words. I most say I got it just Right..

It's like she is sitting on water.. FUN FUN!!

She sure love going down the slide... It was the best day for us to end the Summer, thanks April for asking us to join you guys. love it..

My Teacher is going to Miss Lee.. There was just a little mix up, and her new Teacher is Miss Black.. I head she is pretty good.

Natalie is having lots of fun putting her new stuff in her new backpack... Getting ready for school is so much fun to do.

Here is my new shirts my Mom got me for for the new year.. I think she loves them..

My new shoes and my pair of pants.. I did good this year.. I had lots of fun doing her school shopping. I just can't believe she is all ready going in to the 4TH grade.. She is too big for words, and to smart for own words.. Yes I am one proud Mommy..

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