Sunday, February 7, 2010

Joana And The Whale!!! This was the play we got to go see.

Well it's a Saturday, and what better thing to do then go to a play.. I don't know about you guys out there but I just love a good play. All most more than a movie, there just so real like. lol Well we 4 tickets to the play so that means that our hole family could go.. Yahooo! I say this because my Dad and Mom are the ones who get to go a lot of the time.. So when we all get to go it's a real treat for us!! Well this time Natalie got to bring a friend Renee. This was Renee's first play, she love it.. But I still wish Mom could have gone, she would have love it.. We got to meet the cast people, get pictures (witch I can't fine right now) that was cool. There were some real actors in the play, pretty neat.. And one of the cool parts was we got a c.d for freeee. Cause we had 4 ticket, pretty sweet. And you know what I think the tickets were free too. But not so sure, my Dad dose win a lot of stuff on the radio or online. That's why my parents are the ones who always goes to this kind of stuff.. Well good for him I guess!! Well I most go know i am just talking to talk. But thanks for listening to me.. ENJOY!!( Anne-Mourie :) P.S when I find the pic. if I find the pic. I will put them up.. Cause there CUTE..

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