Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Choc A Block. The Schools Play.

Look at what make-up dose to a nine year old..lol

Looking good there Natalie.. (good luck)

Oh waiting just watching..

The gang.. They did so great up there.. Getting better every time.

Show them how it's done. What a dancer she is coming.

She is so CUTE up there.. Such a pro..

The football dance!!They did awesome job.

Just look at that big smile she has. That's why I love her!

Thanks to the Weakleys for coming and supporting us.
The show turned out great.

You can't have a show with out your flowers and balloons. To say you did a great job! Well that's what Natalie would say.lol This is Natalie's 2nd school play she has been in. She is already a pro. in my eyes. She is the famous one! She played lot this time in the play. I just love watching her up there on the stage. Too cute!

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