Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Eve"WHAT FUN"

What a great day for a new year's party!:)

Eating all together....
Thanks Natalie your doing great..

Natalie thought i needed a make-over.
Well she did do a better job at my hair then i did..

So do i look good!:)

We all got together to get our pictures taken
Way cute.. guys

This is our funny one...
What do you think.
Me and Renee
Playing go fish..
The I spy cards that my aunt Caroline gave me.
We sure did have lots of fun that night...
I am Sitting in front of the t.v
with Jordan...

Our New Years kiss...:)

All of the kids, lets us take your picture..
It's that time of year. When you know It's coming to end. Oh know what ever do we do!ahhhhh. HELP? Well here's how our night went. Lots of picture's were taken.. Thanks holly for letting us join you guys on this new years day. Lots of fun.. HAPPY NEW YEARS TO YOU ALL!!!

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