Thursday, January 1, 2009

I's all about sleding........weeeeee

What a great day to have a sledding party. It was so busy lots of people every were. But all in all we still had so much.



What should i do?

Natalie and Renee going down

So cute girls..

I all most hit this poll but i got
to her just in time....

Sitting around having a great time in
the snow..

We love you Sarah oh yes we do!!

Me and Renee going down
I think it was to fast for me!!

my fingers they hurt..

I just love hot cocoa..

Thanks Sarah for
asking us to come.

Looking in side what do you see

We are making snow angels....

We had lots of fun doing this..

This is what they look like when you get up!

So many cute faces!!

Look at me know..


I fell.......

Making snowmen....

Going down...

That was fun...

What a great day we had. Thanks for aunt Sarah. WE just love hanging out with you Sarah. Sure glad we got to go and bring our good friend Renne. so sweet! Is always a joy to be around! Thanks Renee.


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