Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Skatting with the school kids....

What a great night Natalie. I am so glad we got to go. Thanks for doing so well in school.. :)

I love you so much........... love mommy


We got mommy fingers:)

What's with the face?

Do I look cute are what!!

Lex and Natalie, having lots of fun.

Wanting to play games.

Push your feet hard. You can do it.

Are we doing great are what.

We had a chance to going skating for Natalie's school. We had a blast!! We need to go more often, it's that how you get better. But Natalie is all ready pretty good I do have to say. She got blades for Christmas 2007 from her Grandma that was her big gift. Thanks to her, Natalie just loves them. We just need to use they more often. So here are some pictures I toke of that night. I don't think she want me to bug her with taking pictures. She just gave some of the weirdest looks but i still try because i just love taking her pic. She well thank me one of these days, RIGHT.

Here are some of video's of the night.

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