Thursday, January 8, 2009

Forth tooth lost..Isn't that great!!!

SMILE BIG FOR ME! Oh that's it, Thanks..

I think it well take a long time before all her teeth come out!
We are only on num.4, a long way to go.

She's getting so big. I hope she will forgive me!
For doing this. I was only trying to HELP.

Sorry, there was a lot of blood. And this is what she did to stop the bleeding.
Oh silly one she is!

She was not to happy with me, but I had to act fast or else. I just know it had to be done.
I don't think she would have done it her slef. Thats why I had to step in. So i just pull on it and out it came....

Natalie showing her tooth off for me! She is just so cute. She makes me soo HAPPY, you know.
Yeah we did it. Well that is it, I did it. You know that tooth, I have been trying to get out since Christmas. Well I have been trying to get her to do it but no luck. so I had to take matters in my own hands, in a way she hates me for doing so. Some one has to. I was afraid it was going to stay in forever.. I just hope it will not be as bad next time. THAT WAS EASY! I LOVE YOU Natalie Anne :) Mommy


Jeff and Judy said...

That is so cool! Congrats Natalie!

Jeff and Judy said...

P.S. Love the Strawberry Shortcake PJs!!

amber johnson said...

Oh how fun! What great pictures too!