Saturday, June 20, 2009

Leo Carrillo Ranch & our fun day with the FAMILY!!

Watching a DVD on our new toy... Are they cute or what!

A Cousin's love is great!! so sweet are they..

This will be so much FUN!!!

This is the sign!!

Ouch don't touch! This plant is so so big. And way cool.

The back of a peacock.. So nice.

This is all the family we got to visit.. It was so nice to see everyone...

I think she left her smile in Utah!! lol.

Is this cool are what. We were so close to them.. I think they did not like it.

Is the bar open yet..

Lets have a fire. Please.

What would you like to EAT.. This is so old but cool.

The is ending we had so much.. Thanks everyone..

I got to spent my money there..
And I got to get a peacock..

They use salt in the water.. Does not taste so good.. lol

I think they are having to much fun with Grandma...
Aren't they the BEST...

They are some silly Kid's..We are at Aprils pool where they live..

Lets play in the sand.. So cute..

Nice Natalie!!
We had a great and long day..

Thanks everyone for making this a great day and a great visit. In this pic we just got done playing volleyball even my parents got in the game..
It was nice to see everyone. I am glad all is well in C.A.. Stay tune for more of our family trip in to C.A.. YaHoOo...

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