Sunday, June 7, 2009

Family pics in the poppies..By Kirsten Weakley.

My good friend Kirsten who I have been friend's for seven year's now hAS been taking our pictures for about 4 year's now. And is doing a great job. And is still getting better. Thanks, girl.. Love ya.

Love it.. Pretty good one of ME!

Pretty cool this one.. How do you do it..

It's hard to just pick one that we like so. I tryed to just pick the best, but it was harder then I thought. So here goes We hope you love them like we do.. Aren't family's the best.. I sure do love mine....P.s we sure did have lots of fun doing this.. As you can see I love taking and getting our pics. done... :)


Mark and Caroline said...

love all the pictures. you guys look great and kirsten did a great job. love you guys. make sure you post a lot of pictures of you and the family in cali.

Matt and Sarah Joseph said...

my question is how did change your clothes up there in the mountains? j/k!! they all look so cute!