Saturday, June 6, 2009

Outting with my Daughter..Oh lots of fun!!!

Natalie was sitting on the chair getting her nails and toes done. I guess she was sitting to long and while she was watching t.v and fell a sleep.. :0
I love all the many different places she can fall a sleep at.. She is so cute.

This is her cute close up!! :)

These are Natalie's cute nail she got done.. They did a real good job.

And these are her cute purple toes...

And these are my cute green toes. Sorry it's hard to see them it was taking from my phone.. oh well it's as good as it gets.
Well it was another fun day with my daughter and what away to end our day. And getting our toes and nails done. So I just had to share this with you cause we are so cute.. I love you Natalie and spending time with you.. You sure know how to make me laugh and keep me on my toes.. LOL

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Angie said...

How fun! So cute that she fell asleep...must have been pretty relaxing. I need a day like that!! lol... Cute nails... :)