Friday, June 19, 2009

Our fun in St. George.And our trip to C.A...The first two nights!!

Natalie being silly again.. Yea right when it is picture time thanks Natalie... For being so cute!

Natalie and her doll sleeping so the motel. (Home Sweet Home)

Making her cute face while eating her breakfast.

Lets take a swim before we start our long drive a Head of us.
On our way to C.A were my brothers and his family live.
Don't forget my grandma as well.. Yahooo long drive..

Grandma & Natalie looking their best in the water..
My two fave. people..

Natalie looking her best in my new sunglasses. We had to do a little shopping while were
in St. George. They sure do have lots of great shops. We could be there all day if they let us.. lol

What a sweet picture of her.. I Just love the back round..

Katie toke this picture of us at the rest stop we were at for lunch..
Looks great, thanks Kate.

This is my fave of them. We sure had a great ride up there. Just a little to long.
Thanks DAD for all the driving.. Love ya

Yea we made it safe and sound. The girls got to put in some playing be for it was bed time.
I love it when they dress up for us!! So cute are they.

Natalie show off her great smile for the camera.
I love it. And I love her..

Oh Luke and April with Jaren got to come down as well. It was nice to see them again
since they move to C.A.. They sure look like they are doing great. And baby seems to be HAPPY!
What a Great day it was for us! And with lots more to come.. Just wait and I will keep you posted
Ok thanks for listen. Anne :) It's been fun. I just love BLOGGING for yea. So enjoy!!

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