Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mother & Daughter! TEA PARTY..

Here is our annul picture we take every year together..But this time we have no frame to make like we do in the past.. :( I do love to make them and put our pic. in them..

This was our table we got to set at and eat our dinner from our tea party! My mom, Katie & Natalie got to set with me. It was lots of fun and the entertainment was great and sweet. Over all it went good It's lots of fun when we all get together like this. We have done our mother & daughter stuff like this every year now for about 5 year's or so. But this time it was outside and you know what is going on RAIN well how is this going to work we will just get all wet and have not so much fun. Well I am here the hole time saying why did we not move it to the church in door but no one was listen to me. And then it stop oh yea it did what was I saying sorry guys I was wrong...But we Always a blast.. Great time's love it!! And Natalie sure did look great and all dressed up for the party.. You sure look your part, and she is even wearing make-up, so cool...Loveit!!

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