Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bowling and swimming with the Hills! what away to start SUMMER!

Natalie being oh so silly in the water!
That's me all the way down there..
It was Lot's of fun going down the slide.
Thanks so much for taking me Mom. We sure have way so much fun together.. I just love the SUMMER time there's always so much to do.. Well for work right know are going on lots of outing's for the summer to fill up our time.. Yahooo. And this is our first week in to summer and we got to go bowling at fat cat. Way so cool. And know we are swimming.. Lets see what next week brings us. Know I shell go get our bowling pics. So keep a look out for more thing's to come of our summer and see what we are doing ... Thanks Anne


Matt and Sarah Joseph said...

What fun that looks!! I'm jealous! can't wait to do fun things like this with my daughter!!

Angie said...

How fun! We've only been swimming once so far...can't wait for it to warm up this weekend!

Jeff and Judy said...

Looks like you are have a fun summer! I miss the warm swimming weather:(