Monday, June 22, 2009

Disneyland for the day..Our trip to C.A

On the bus ride to the park.. It is going to be a good day. But LONG!
N is for my Name...
A is for adorable.. That's me
Lets get going.... This is a start..

Having lots of FUN.. Katie looking good! Getting ready to ride Matterahrn...
Sweet glasses. Honey I shrunk the kids movie.. It was cool.. This was in Mickey's house. It was so cute in there.
Ride the car around!!
Buzz light year the ride was fun.. It was like a game you played.
Ride babe ride!
Tea cups was a fave. of ours.. I love this pic.. Don't go to fast!
Our funny LOOK!
A fairy from the Tinker bell movie.. It was lots of fun to see them.. Just a long line to wait in.
Not sure of there names.. sorry.
They are so cute.. What a blast it was to see the Princess.
SNOW WHITE... Mulan..
There is BELL. They only let you see three princess at a time. And the line is so long so you never no witch on you well see. So toke this pic of her this is as close as she gets. Oh well!
The BUZZ is the first one we saw.. It was great!
The witch off Snow white..I love her look!
The best ride ever!!
The end of the show.. fireworks!! The walk back.. Sad the day has to end.. We need more time.. But we sure did have so much FUN... Thanks dad for a great day.... Love it It was nice to go back to one of the greats places in world.. Natalie has not been to Disneyland since like 03-04 not so sure. But just as much fun.. I just We could go back more often them we do..

These are some cool videos. Enjoy them!!

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