Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our vist with GRANDMA!! As well as our other Family.. Great times!

Saying bye. Do we have to. Thanks Dad for the pic. sure not ready for it.

I love this pic. Natalie playing with great Grandma's glasses. I thought you were eating!
If you look close up you can see her the milk on her face..

In line to see Minnie Mouse!
Boy we were sure in line for ever.

To CUTE!! :)

We found this along the way though the mall.

Thanks Dad for this pic. Yes we love to sleep!!

Natalie having a great time with her self. These are the barbies my Mom used to play with I think. Wait I used to play with them when I was little as well..

We made it to a park as well and I got to drive us all by my self.. Sweet, I just won't tell you we got lost. We were all most at the park that we were looking for but we did not go all the way. It is a good thing we found this cool one it just open.. YEA it was just to hot to stay out to long. :(

I loved playing with the DOG!! To cute..

A Grandma's love is the BEST.. Wish we could have it more often..


She was wanting to get us all...Mother & Daughter.

She is so GREAT.. I love you so much... Thanks for all you did for us!

I love this ONE... We sure look good..

We all went swiming as well.. Thanks Aunt marry!!
The pool was great.

Kate was throing her in the WATER.. Looks like fun,

Under the water fall. CooL looking..

Ashley & Natalie playing peing pong.. I love it..

Then we got to go look at fireworks.. Lots of fun.
Thanks uncle Mark & Aunt Marry. For having us over..

Tryed to get all of us in.. Just the greatest pic..

Time to say good bye! :( Good Times.
We love all of you guys thanks for a great time in C.A. We hope to see you soon.. Hang in there tell we do.. lol Thats all she wrote it's to late to think. But I will say this was some fun time with every one we saw in C.A. Now we have to call it the END.. Time to get back to life and a long ride home..

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