Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fivth tooth and counting.. (keep it coming)

What big mouth you have.. I just love your look!

Well this is even

Look at my tooth. (Prefect) Natalie was eating a cheeses stick on day and ought that hurt. What was wrong my dear, oh my your tooth is coming out. That's great anther tooth it sure has been some time since that has happen. So I am telling you all about it! I picked Natalie up from school and she was telling me that her teacher had gave her a sack for some resin, not sure why her teacher had done that Mommy. Well that's not so true I do know why. So she show me the sack and in it was her tooth. YAHOOOOO. That's great, and easy. It was fun for Natalie to tell me her story of how it came out. Please do tell, she was about to eat a candy rock she had got from school and then that did it. But I am not sure she know it was candy.. HaHa. Your so cute and funny.. I just love kids.

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Angie said...

yay for another tooth! Brynley waits until it's hanging on by a thread and just drops