Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sarah's new baby (two weeks eary)

Me and Natalie had the chance to go see Sarah's and Matt's new BABY!!

Well It's here, and yes It is two weeks early.. She is so so cute. What more can you say...

Just beautiful!!

I just love this picture. Aren't they so beautiful. I am so glad she is here with us..

Look en good!! So sweet..

It was so great to have baby Maia here..
You guys will make great parents.

Great job SISTER, you did it. She looks so great. Have lots of fun, motherhood is something so great..Love it.. Well this cute Baby's name is Maia. Is that cute or what. And her middle name is Elizabethe which is Sarah's middle as well. Just prefect.. And you know their last name Joseph.
The name is a lot like there parents.. so cute, I love it. She was born on May 26 at9:30 pm. At the AF hospital. She was weighing at 8lds 9oz. And 21" long.. I am so happy for you guys. I can't wait to see her grow up. And see what she will turn in to. so Sweet for sure..
Here is a piece of the baby in the video. hope you enjoy it. Thanks for listen!!

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