Saturday, April 18, 2009

We got a membership to the AQUARIUM.. Yahoo!!

I am making a penny..So much fun, thanks mom

Thanks KIRSTEN and family. It was a lot of fun, well we always have a great time together.
It well be a great SUMMER.. With lots at the aquarium..

I had a little Turtle his name was tiny TIM..

So So BIG..

What a sweet time we had.. Can't wait to go again..

Don't look to hard.. It might go away... lol

Way cool!

Cute Girls..

One cute family..

Lets get on the BOAT.. Come on..

Yea I do love her..And thoses BIG eyes... So what are we looking at... It most be cool..

We are so sweet.. I just can't get Natalie to stop wanting to hold her all the time.. Well that's ok I want to do the same thing as well.. It's hard she is so CUTE..

I could not get Natalie to touch this.. No way and started to run.. Thats ok I did not like touching it..

Helen is so cute I just love being with her,and taking lots of pictures of her.

So neat... is this

We are playing in the water.. SPLASH!

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