Monday, April 6, 2009

Walmart here we go. Going out with my sister Katie

This is my little sister KATIE!! Is she AWESOME... Our what. I sure do think so.. She is the BEST.. in every way.. She does so much for me and my daughter.. Lots of love to her..

She loves to take pictures of her self. So I wouldn't give her a camera,cause you my not have any film left. And the cute thing is Natalie is following in her foot steps...Love it!!

We sure do have so much fun together. That is when we get together.. We must live busy lives,I guess... lol

We are in my car on the way to WAL-MART. To go get some groceries. Let me tell you,lots of fun.. Thanks Katie for coming with me... Aren't SISTERs the best... I love you Katie!!

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