Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our story of the day..We went to Hannah Montana the movie!

SOORY this story is so long, but I had to sure it!!! THANKS

Natalie showing off her glow sticks she got for the movie. They sold them at the movies for a dollar. It was lots of fun,but I think she played with them more then watching the movie. lol

Well I am making this post to tell you about what went wrong at the movies. So here is our funny story,But not so cool.. Something to laugh about latter.. So idea to take Natalie to the movies as we do Quite often. And I have been dieing to to the new movie of Hannah Montana. One of Natalie's favorites. So the movie starts at 5 so we had some time to play cause we were there early and Natalie like ton play the games. So this time I let her. We notice it was about time to start making our way to the show, but Natalie wanted some popcorn so i got some. She loves popcorn and you can't watch a movie with out popcorn. RIGHT! So I look at my phone and saw that it was 5:10 and we should start going know are we would be late but we still have 5 mins. so we are OK. That's what I thought. We are walking trodes the stand were they look at our tickets and tell us where to go. Well this time there was no one to tell us were to go but when we got our tickets she already looked at them so I did not. I Was not even thinking of it and then I saw were it was playing so went to go in.. And I saw that it had started oh no It started early that's what I though but how.Why! What, OK that's fine it happens so we stayed and watched it. Then it was over I thought that's it I payed 550 for a ticket and it was only 15 mins long what was wrong with this picture not right. So I went to tell someone about it. Well it was all me for not checking the ticket. We were in theater 8 and our movie was theater 10 well.. So the next showing was at 6:15. So they gave us the tickets for that showing we just had to wait a long time but so worth it. Why did Natalie not notice it was the END of the movie we were watching.. Grrrrrrr. lol

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