Sunday, April 12, 2009

We got baby chick's..

Is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen.. I just love her She is so happy here. Her Grandma bought some Chick's. Natalie and her cousin's to got to go to the store and pick out baby chick's.. They named them as well. But I am not sure what they are, I well let you..

Add Video They are so so cute.. There are three of them in there you just can not see other one.. And don't foreget to watch the video.. so cute!!

Well I have to tell you the story of what happen to the FIVE baby chick's that my mom got first.. They did not do so well.. to make a long story short.. We used to have chick's but they never last long.. For many reason.. So we though we would try again.. And they were on sale so my mom wanted to get some.. So this is the sad part three of then died they did not last long at all in there house.. It was a big box. And then by morning the other two died as well.. So may be we should not have chick's in our house again.. That's what you think, don't give up. So my mom was sad of what happen what did I do wrong.. So she waited a week and would try again and then she got to take the grand kids with her. It was so much fun to get them in to it.. Kids are so much fun.. Plus I think all kids need pets in there live's.. It just helps them to be BIG.. And I think thats the END.. of my story.. Hope it all goes well for the chick's here in our house.. P.S my mom went back and bought three more.. Now we have six.. And they seem to be doing well.. They are yellow this time.. I will have to show you latter what they look like.. LOTs Of EGGs. YeaH.. THey are just so cute...

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amber johnson said...

That is so cool. They are so cute!