Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lots of pictures from Natalie's CAMERA. "Enjoy them"

I got a camera for Christmas in 2006 or 07. I can't totally remember and mom is not sure as well. But any ways I got Natalie this cute camera cause she loves taking pictures so this would be prefect for her. But sometimes she will take just about anything and everything she wants.. So bear with her and all the things she has to get a picture of. She most be like me cause I love taking pictures of just about anything, of course it is of Natalie, but today Natalie wants to make a blog of what she has done over the past years. So I asked her if it could be a slide show cause it would have taken the whole page and more up. So here it is, and this is not even all of her good works . She just loves to take lots of pictures . Don't ya. So I hope you have FUN watching it. You did a great job my Natalie keep up the good work..

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