Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our last Sunday dinner with Luke, Apirl & Jaren. At lest for awile!!

My wonderful little girl!

My awesome brother Josh, we are playing a game..
Natalie was being silly and was not letting me take her PICTURE.
So this is what I got.. thanks!

My great parents!!
Great joy..

April and Jaren having lots of fun!! Are they cute are what..

Luke what a great man you are. What a great FAMILY.... You have, but why do you have to... MOVE!!

Is it reading time..
Good job girl, your doing great.
My sweet sister Caroline. You do so much that makes you.
Yes Mark thats a great face that is what I was going for...
Thats boys for YA.

Know it is time to read to Jaren, before he leaves us. He just loves BOOK..
How sweet is this we sure are going to miss him thats for sure.. We love you Jaren.

I just love those eyes of his!!
I was having Natalie say good bye to her Jaren one last time and hold me and take pictures of him.. I don't think I have that many.

Natalie just loves playing on her Uncle Josh. They sure do have lots of FUN..
I love this of them.. One more picture before they leave on Thursday April 30,09 . Like I said they are moving to San Diego. So Luke can go to school there and be a physical therapy guy. We will miss you guys and love you so much. Hope all goes well for you guys down there.. Good luck in all you do there. We sure do have the best of times when they are around.. So this sure will be hard for us and our Sunday dinners sure won't be the same.

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