Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter day hunt with family & friends

Are these sweet GIRLs.. Are what.. I sure do love them.
Me & my Easter bunny friend.
Madisen what a face you have there.. Way to go..
My good friend Jacqueline and her daughter Meg.
They made these cute bunny ears.. Lookin good Natalie!
Jake Hill
Trying to fine some eggs

We sure had lots of fun at this Easter egg hunt. It was just in town at the senior center.. We got to go with my friend that I work for.. We sure do have lots of fun together.. And the cool thing is that my nice Madisen was in town for Conference that was a real treat for us.. Natalie just loves when they come to town, now she has someone to play with in our house 24 /7. Is that great or what.. My computer is not working for me right now so I dote have all the cute pictures I toke.. They keep getting delete.. grrrrrrrr..

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