Sunday, March 29, 2009

We have a PARTY to get ready for.. Lets go fast.

Thanks Angie for inviting us to your party.. Looks like you guys had lots of FUN...
Is this love are what!!

A good friend of ours is have a birthday party for there daughter Brynley. She is turning the big seven years old.. For her party they had a rescue animal birthday. That sounds so cool. They asked us to not give gifts just give cat or dog food that they were going to give to a pet shelter who is in need of food. So we went to Kohlers to go pick out some food. We get dog bones, dog and cat food for them as well. It was so nice to fill we could help out these pets that are in need of food. So we get there late cause I thought that they were leaving to go then and give the pets there gifts. So that's why we got the food but it did not matter. Cause they were going on Monday cause it was closed on Saturday. so I had to take pictures of how cute she look. So here goes with my daughter.

I just love this one!!

I just love this BOOK.. Lets go Natalie we will be late..But I want to finish this book first please mommy..

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