Monday, March 9, 2009

Silly String.......FIGHT. Who will WIN!!

It stayed in our HAIR more than anything... So go play with your kids like this
you will enjoy it. Like I did...
Now I shall get the TREE..
Natalie took this one. THANKS ..

I just love this one. And her face. Good one.

Trying to get away from her MOM. don't think SO..

I well get you GOOD...

Our hard work in picking up the mess. We made them into balls. Lots of fun and very cold..

This was so much FUN... We should do this more often I just love being kid-like with my DAUGHTER. She is so much fun to hang out with. And being silly is her number one thing in our family..... So I am so lucky to HAVE her in my life.. Thanks for ALWAYS.... making me smile AND laugh. You now how to always keep my spirits up. I just LOVE how your kids think you can do no wrong cause I am always loved. She only tells me, how many time's a day? which I love her for. Before when she would say it, it was because she has done something wrong. Which was not that bad. BUT... I still love her just as much. What we like to say in our FAMILY is ..I love you to the moon and back.. its one of her famous sayings..
So here goes with our pictures and videos.. Filled with so much fun...

These videos are sooo funny, you will love them..
I did. So enjoy them please!
We had such a great GREAT day...

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