Saturday, March 28, 2009

Natalie sleeping on the job..

I was get off facebook. We just got home from school and I asked Natalie to go get her choirs done and lets get start ed on home work and do our reading for the day. Right, you think that should be fine but not today lets take a NAP.... For the day and get nothing done. Not sure about this but will have to do because when you need a nap you just need a nap.. Well Natalie is always so sleep after school. It dose not matter what time we get to BED she would just love to sleep if I let her. We try to be in bed before NINE a clock. but you know how life is right. CRAZY.. So I wet to go and see how thing where coming a long and I found her on the side of my bed a... SLEEP..she just looked so sweet laying there I had to get some pictures of her..I love looking at kids when they are a sleep just like little angels. My Natalie is so so sweet to have in my LIFE.... I love her so..MOMMY

I just had to put them all up. They just were all so cute. I love just love sleeping pictures. You never know what you are going to get..March.23,09

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