Sunday, March 8, 2009

My INFLATABLE kite....Gone bad

Lets show off the KITE... Yea it looks COOL but it was not...GERRRR..

But we still had lots of FUN.. Anyway better luck next time...

Nice try Natalie. She was not to Happy her kite was not working for her that good... It's not easy being a KID!! Right..

Up Up and Away.. There she Go's...
Don't just stand there. Get to WORK... lol
My SWEET little girl...Well I guess not little any more. But to me she will always be my little BABY.... GIRL :)

Natalie is trying so HARD to get her KITE to stay way up in the AIR.......
Well I was out Shopping, when I should not be doing this late at night. Cause you always get stuff you don't always need but you get it any way. So I got Natalie a KITE..... Which I do every year. And I guess I was not reading what kind it was. I just thought it was a big and fun one.. I was wrong. It was an INFLATABLE one, not so good.. Can I tell you why, well at first it was going great and then.... I put a little hole on the side. Now how is it going to work right, well not sure. I shall put some tape on it ... Not so much work.. Don't BLOW it up so much and we will see WHAT happens.. Sorry Natalie, I messed it up I guess I don't know what I am doing.. So if I were you I wouldn't go and buy the one you have to BLOW up. I think they don't work that well and soo not NEEDED... But we still tried to have lots of FUN........ So here are the pictures of us trying to get the KITE up in the AIR. She is just so CUTE that GIRL.... Gota LOVE her..

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