Monday, March 23, 2009

Our sleep over nights wth FRIENDS......

HELP!! me, will I make it out alive
Well I want to surprise Natalie with a sleep over with some of our friends from where I worked. She had know Idea what I was doing for her. I want to just have a party for her and have a great weekend with friends.. We had pizza,played out side, watch movies all night and just have a crazy time together..And you can not for get all the food we eat.These two girls are so cute and lots of faces. They sure keep you on your toes..So here are some of what we did.Lots of fun. Kids are so cute. I guess that why I love them so so much... :)Brynn keep your popcorn in your mouth.
Crazy girl.
Kira bell so sweet..
Sleeping all the way!!Best of friends..

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