Saturday, December 4, 2010

It"s going to be a great and fun day!!

Here are some of the pictures, of the cool things we liked at Festival of trees. It was just a little busy inside and out. It toke us some time to fine some were to park, and we were already late. Don't you hate when that happens. grrrr Kirsten and I went with the girls and drove up to Sandy to see our good friends, daughter dance there. It was very nice, and well done. This is my 2ND time going and I still have not gone through the hole thing.. Some day right. I just think the people who put together all these neat stuff in there, it is just amazing, how they can do that. We even waited in line to see Santa and Miss Clause. She didn't seen so happy to be there taking picture. It was a long line. Not cool! lol Well thanks to Kirsten for driving us up, and wanting to go with us, we just had so much FUN. And we enjoyed lunch to. GOOD TIMES, well spent. Hope all of you are enjoying your weekend. I live weekends.

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