Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Having "FUN" in the snow!

I can't believe this mouth is coming to a end, it's crazy, and before you no it this year will be gone just like that. lol
What a great day to go outside and play in the snow, well that's what I thought. So That's what I plan to do. Natalie got home from school, we got ready, and off we went. It has been snowing off and on this mouth, and we have not gotten out in the snow much. Plus it is just to cold out there for me to bear it. If it were not so cold out, I think we would be out there more often. lol Cause Natalie just loves it out there, she does enjoy her self. And I enjoy watching her. I love making memory's with her, lots of smiles and good times.. So to all of you out there go out and have some fun with your kids. P.S. Go enjoy some Hot Chocolate, as well! Happy snow day to you. Love, from us girls.

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