Monday, October 11, 2010

Here comes the school projects.

Working hard to get the Indian poster done in time.. Due Friday, it is going great. I think out of all the project's we have had in school this is most challenging on of all. I think there will be more to come...Ah HELP!!!
I think this the most fun for her in school is, read a thon. She can bring books get candy and snacks from home. Miss Black also let them were PJ's.. Sweet my kind of day. (to were pj's all day) Oh and this year they get to have fun Friday as well, they can bring games from home too. Our just go and play out side. Just what Natalie loves to do, can you say one happy girl. That's what I am talking about... We are sure loving this new year, and yes more PROJECTS to come. Yeah!!
She worked so hard to get it done just in time, and do all her other homework. Thanks to a job well done Natalie, I am so proud of all you hard work.. Keep it up!! Mom loves love you.. :)

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