Saturday, October 30, 2010

Crazy cuple of days.. Here we GO!!

Here are your 10 pictures of my day at Natalie's school. We went to have lunch with her first.
And here is one of Natalie's good friend. To cute!
And the Birthday sigh with all of the B-day's that month. I found my.
And then it was off to help Natalie put on her costume, for the day. I had fun taking all there pics. together. They sure were a great sport about it.
And then it was time for the parade to begin. She was waving Hi to all of us!
Know it is my turn for a great picture, with the cutest girl ever.
Sarah and Maia also was there to see me. Thanks for making Natalie so happy.
Well now it was time for a party. Sounds like they were having lots of fun. I think it went a little crazy for me, but what can you say, they are only 4 grader's. lol
Donut eating game! You have your eyes covered and try to get the other person to eat it. Even I did it, it was hard....
So what do you think of her new "LOOK".
Now it's time to pose.Getting ready for Natalie's B-day,and here are the 5 pictures her day.
Thanks to Aunt Katie for coming and helping, and being there for Natalie. She loves her AK..
Smile big for me. Oh I guess I picked the one were some of them are not looking.. Too cute!
Please don't look at our sad looking cake. I tryed to make it nice but things happen from the night before and then the day of I love this girl so much, that last min I put together a party for her. xoxoxox
Happy Birthday to you! The girls all had so much fun play together. Thanks to all of you who came, and the great gifts. Lots of love....
Getting ready for the big day, thanks Katie! Next 1o pictures are of the rest of our very long and cold wet night!!
Just look at those eyes, what are they saying.. Thanks to my sister for the cutest costume ever. Natalie looks so super in it, to cute for words.
By the time we got to the barn we were all wet and cold we stayed for some time to take our pics, as we do every year.. So much fun!
Thanks to our friends the Weakleys for showing up, she got a pic of us. Looking good..
I am a genie in a bottle.
Tick or treat..
We ran in to Natalie's friend Hanna. She did a good job on her costume.
And then we drove to Baylee's house after we were done. Too cute.
Trying to leave after being there to long they ran outside to jump!!They sure do have Lot's of fun together.. Bff
Well that was our night, I say it went well, if it didn't rain. But what do you do right, I guess you make the most of it...This has been the best three days ever, I wish it could be like this every year, but no rain. So Friday was the School party, Saturday was her party and then tick or treating, then Sunday is Halloween, her B-day as well. It was just so perfect, and easy. Why can't it be like this always.. Well now it is time to go to bed and get ready for Natalie's day.. A day I will never forget, I love her to much. I love all. And hope your day was as good as ours.. "HAPPY HALLOWEEN"

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