Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Craving pumpkin's with the young Man..

We got asked to crave pumpkins, not sure for why or what, or with who. So I said sure sounds like fun, something Natalie loves to do as a family. So it is coming down to the time were we have to walk just they other side of us and we are there. We are finding out it was the young man who asked us to come and help them crave pumpkins with them.(out side) It seamed cold but it was lots of fun, so it did not seam so bad when you were working hard to crave those Pumpkin.. So they let us keep what we did and then we went to give out the rest of the pumpkins. Now it is going to get even colder, but Natalie wanted to go and help give the Pumpkin's out to the older people in our ward family. She is just so sweet, thanks guys for asking us to come and help. We sure fill good when we can service others. It 's good for Natalie to learn what service is all about. :) She sure was happy being out there with the young Man, giving all the Pumpkins out. We were so over joyed they asked us to come and help. She was happy to hear we were done cause it was getting cold and getting way to late,and she herd they were having pumpkin pie..(she likes that) Well that's all for know. Hope you all are enjoying your Holiday weekend. :) Get out there and have some fun, before it gets to cold to do anything. lol As we have been. There is so much to do and get done. Were do we start! We love this time of year, every were you turn there's always something going on and something to do. I think the hard part for me is knowing my baby girl is having anther B-Day and getting older and wiser. I sure do miss the good old days when she was just so little, and so sweet. Not that she isn't sweet now, she is more so now. I love it, and she always tells me she loves me. I will always love her for that. It sure is hard to tell who loves who more. A Mothers love never goes away. It is always growing bigger and stronger. (To the moon and back)....

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