Sunday, October 11, 2009

Our last game of the year.. Way to go Natalie. You did great.

Not time for sitting, It's playing
GO team GO...
Running after the BALL! Shes really trying this year to do her BEST! I am so PROUD of her.. She was doing so great out there. Kicked the BALL 4 times. She was so so happy she loved that she could do it.
Last game it was about 10 times she kicked the ball. OMG
Plus Grandma was there so that helps..
And this time we had Sarah and Mia.. Thanks guys for supporting
us. Mia was was having so much fun watching the girls play ball out there.
Baby's are so cute to watch.. They sure grow up to fast... :( I should know cause mine has all ready done it.. But nothing i can do about that. Oh well it sure has been fun to see her grow up to be a beautiful young lady.. Love you Lot's. MOM
So cute, Natalie just Love's making Mia smile and laugh. And so fun to watch as well.. Way to go Sarah on a cute baby.. Oh and these videos are fun and cute to watch.. Enjoy

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