Saturday, July 3, 2010

One fantasist 4th of July...

It's going to be a fun filled day... First we are going to have lunch in the Prove Can.I just love this shout of Natalie!!
We even got to play in the water.....
One cute little BOY!!!
And, one cute big GIRL!!!!
There's even me....
She just can't get enough of the umbrella, so we went and got some pictures with it..
They turned out great...
Then we went to movies 8, to watch The Last snog.. (It was Great) Then we went next to Shopko to wait for the fire works to start. Can I tell you it was like a mad house out there, everyone was doing fireworks of there own... So I even went in the story to get in with the party. Well it is only cause I left mine at home, not know all this was going to be going on. So I felt bad so I went to get a little bit for Natalie to do, while we wait..Oh so how am I going to light them with out a lighter, mines at home.. Grrrr, and I was not about to pay 5 or more just to light them. (sorry Natalie) It was nice we parked by a car that would share.. Thanks guys..
Pretty cool!! So if you look real close you can see the family in the car..
Sparklers are a big hit for this girl... :)
Oh and you most take good care or your baby too!! Love this pic. So all in all it was one crazy but fun filled day in the life of the McEvoy's... Thanks Mom ad Dad, we love all you do for us!! P.S. Happy 4th of July to you all, hope it was a good one..xoxoxo

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