Sunday, June 13, 2010

Some pics. of our drive to C.A., droping Grandma and Kate, off.

Just for fun.
Leaving to drive a long drive to our Grandma's house!!
We made it safe and sound... We sure have missed our Grandma.. So glad we got to come, but it was to short..
Lot's of fun, for us...
To to cute, the girls really have fun together... (love it)
We sure got Lot's of pic.. It was a nice treat, we got to see our friends that were from UT. They move to CA, so we don't get to see them much.. :( But it worked out that we got to see them, while we came down, Lot's of fun.. It's cool they were not for from my Grandma's house so we went to the park.. :)
Is this sweet are what.. We sure had Lot's of fun with the bird..
This our sweet Grandma and great Grandma.. She is the best, can't ask for much better then this.. We love you so much, so glad we got to see you.. A big thanks to you!!
On our way home to UT.. :( This is going to be Lot's of fun, trying to keep Dad up shouldn't be to bad.. Hey I even got to drive this time... I am so Lucky to have a girl who does so well when we travel.. So you know we mad it home, yea that was a long drive I don't know how people do. CRAZY...

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