Thursday, June 17, 2010

A day at the FAIR.. In PG.

Hit it real hard.....

Her are some pictures we toke of our day at the fair, we sure had lots of FUN.. I guess Summer is going well for us.. It sure keeps us on our toes.. lol The funny thing about our trip some girl just start to hang out with us, and went were we went.. It was still fun they had fun together, I guess that's what counts right. And they even gave her 5 hole dollars, she was happy.. As i would have been too. They sure was a nice family, for a little bit I thought she was alone at the fair, but I was wrong.. So there you have that's our day for ya. Hope you enjoy it.. Hope every ones Summer is going great for them too. P.S. I just love that Natalie will go one just about every ride there is, but she was sad cause the swings were not there this year.

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